Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Olympic Basketball Introduction

Basketball was invited in Springfield,Massachusetts,1891 by the Canadian-American James Naismith.Basketball is commonly called “hoops “or” B-ball”. it is a popular and familiar game in the whole world in which  two teams of five players  participate and struggle for  their victory .each player of team try to score against  the opposite team by throwing or shooting a ball in  hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground  following rules of basketball . When a team makes a basket or  score  two points are given  for the shooting team .Basketball is played on a rectangular floor which is called court and a hoop is located at each of the court and the court is divided into two sections by the mid-court line.

One team mention as offensive team and the other team is mention as defense. The team without the ball is called the defense and the team with the ball is called the offense.It is a violation to walk with the ball, Carrying, Double Dribble, Held ball, Goal tending, Back-court violation, Time restrictions, clutch it, or to hold the ball. Free throws are awarded to a team according to some formats concerning the number of fouls dedicated in a half and a foul by a shooter always results in two or three free throws being awarded the shooter.

Each game is divided into two halves. A goal or basket is assigned to each team and the game started with one player from either team at center court. A referee will toss the ball up between the two players of each team. Fouls are mentioned as Personal foul, charging foul , Blocking foul , Flagrant foul, Intentional foul, Technical foul.Some positions are specified for the players which are mentioned as center,foreword and guard.

Basketball at the Olympics Games
Basketball is a popular and memorable sport worldwide.Federation International DE Basketball Amateur is the official governing body for Basketball. Basketball was first showcased in the 1936 in Berlin,Germany.Olympic and Women's basketball was played in the Olympics, 1976.

Olympic Basketball match will be held from Saturday 28 July to Sunday 12 August 2012 at London Olympic games.The total number of teams which are participated are 12 teams.They are divided into two groups each group have six teams and each team will play a match with every other team in their group.The top eight teams from first round will qualified for the knockout round.The winners of the semi-finals going head to head in the gold medal game. There was a huge demand for Basketball Tickets from the Basketball fans through the world. Basketball fans can get their Olympic Basketball Tickets from sport ticket Exchange. Olympic games lovers can also get other Olympic Tickets from sport ticket Exchange.

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